Escape the Freelance Grind By Creating Online Products That Make You $500 to $2,500 Per Sale So You Can Make Money Even While You're NOT Working



✔️ No more difficulty finding clients

✔️ No more meeting tight deadlines

✔️ No more chasing client payments

✔️ No more cold-calling and prospecting

✔️ No more working for $10 to $15 an hour

✔️ No more 40 to 60-hour work weeks

✔️ No more inconsistent work and cash flow

In the next 30 days I'll show you a RISK-FREE and COST-FREE way to create AND launch your own workshop, ebook, course and make your FIRST sale NEXT MONTH!


James Martin

Founder, Logo Life®️

"I had a successful course pre-launch that generated 6-figures in ONE WEEK!"


Mye knows exactly how to turn ideas into extremely lucrative products and services.

As a designer, I've hit the income ceiling and I wanted to break through it to have more time for me, my family and the agency.

She guided me seamlessly through the process of a successful pre-launch of my course, which generated an amazing 6-figures in ONE WEEK.

Without Mye, it would not have been a success.

Laurence Leman

Calligraphy Instructor

"I made an extra $52,000 in ONE year!"


I sold my first workshop and made $2,000 from my first launch! 

I gained confidence and offered this same workshop at a higher price 6 months later and made my first €10,000 (roughly $12,000) at the end of 2020! It was unbelievable!

And in 2021, I made my highest side hustle income of $52,000!

Mye has truly been the initiator of this success. Her global market knowledge and specific strategies have offered strong foundations to sell with confidence. I'm super grateful to have met Mye at the right time on my journey to success!

Use the expertise you already have to create an online product you can sell in the next 30 days...or get your money back.

Forget the 1-1 client work, the long working hours, chasing clients for payments and not making enough for what you do.


Whether You're a Seasoned Freelancer
or Just Starting Out

You're going to learn exactly how to create online products that make you $500 to $2,500 per you can escape the daily grind and finally be FREE!

It only takes 30 days to make it happen. 

Say goodbye to dreadful working hours, low-paying jobs and unstable income.



This is for YOU if you want to...

✔️ Stop working 40-60 hour work week

✔️ Have a steady income stream that doesn't require you to work harder

✔️ Get your time back and still make money—even while you're on vacations

✔️ Wake up every morning and see 3 or 4 sales for up to $500 to $2,500

✔️ Be able to go on vacations, travel and spend time off without worrying about work

✔️ Master the dark art of pricing and start charging more for your products and services

✔️ Make your dream 6-figure income a reality

✔️ ...and so much more!

Why Workshops, Ebooks, Courses?

  • ZERO CREATION COST - You don't have to spend money to start teaching webinars, workshops, courses or even coaching programs. 

  • WRITE YOUR OWN PAYCHECK - No need to wait for when the next client will show up. You can create products on demand and sell them whenever you want.

  • EASY TO START - Because it's cost-free, you can start right away. No need to ask for permission, or wait until you become "socially famous" before you get started.

  • UNLIMITED INCOME POTENTIAL - Make as much money as you want. Your income potential is unlimited especially when you create a digital information product.

  • CAN BE SOLD AT A HIGH PRICE  - Your expertise is valuable and people will typically pay a lot of money to learn what you know.

  • NO INVENTORY & NO OVERHEAD - No need to track items, supplies, materials, etc. 

  • 100% SCALABLE - Make more money from a single digital product. You can grow your business faster and easier with less work and less time.

Now's Your Chance to Make That
Dream Freelance Life a Reality


I'll share with you the exact steps I took on how I turned my skills into a powerful money-making machine that helped me generate multiple 6-figures in my own business and over a million dollars in revenue for my clients.



Because I've been exactly where you are. Just like you:

⏰ I worked 14-hour days to deliver the work I was hired to do.
😰 I spent days worrying about when the next client will come in.
📅 I waited for days (sometimes weeks) for clients to pay.
🙈 I can't go on vacation because I can't afford NOT to work.
😩 I was exhausted all the time.
I have to spend more hours working if I need to make more money and I grew tired of my situation.

So I used the skills and knowledge that I have—to create and sell my first online course.

It made over $120,000. And it changed our life!

And from then on, I kept on acquiring more skills, and knowledge from some of the brilliant minds in the world (in different industries). I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars so I can give you only the best.

I've been in the trenches producing amazing results not just for my business but also for my clients...

Like James who made 6-figures in ONE WEEK selling his course idea.
Or Laurence, who made an extra $52,000 in 2021 while still enjoying her day job.
And Scotty, who has been consistently making 6-figure years from his coaching business.


My creative friends call me "The Anomaly" in the creative freelance industry.

That's because I have NEVER once worked with a lowball offer even at the beginning of my lettering career. And it didn't take long before I turned my skills into a highly-profitable online course that got me my first 6-figure year!

That's how I managed to grow my business—fast.
This is something most expert freelancers simply CANNOT do.

They've been working hard for years hoping to make more money but the more they do, the harder it gets to break out of the cycle and escape the grind...


Wishing they could work on their terms, travel, stay in their PJs, and take as much time off...

But they're stuck at their income level and cannot grow.

I've worked with thousands of freelancers and creatives and taught them how to create online products they can sell for up to $500 to $2,500 (some even up to $10,000)...

...and built a multi 6-figure business without being "social media famous."

Only a few people in the world can do that.

And I'm ONE of them.

About Mye De Leon

  • Built her multi 6-figure business without having a huge social media following, influence and network
  • Author, Mastering Hand Lettering Book and Creator, Mastering Hand Lettering Program
  • Helped generate over a million dollars in revenue for her clients
  • Featured on Business Insider article on how to turn your hobby into a profitable business
  • The best-kept secret of big-name creatives and freelancers to help them scale to million-dollar business
  • Helped thousands of creative freelancers leverage their skills to SCALE their businesses

You're probably wondering...How is this different from the many courses you've seen online that promised you results?


❌ Not created by real experts

❌ Repackaged from other courses

❌ Contain outdated information

❌ Don't teach you how to market your course

❌ Poor client results

❌ No additional level of support to help you

❌ Expensive 

❌ No refund


✔️ Created by a former freelance lettering artist

✔️ Information specifically crafted for freelancers

✔️ Uses new and current strategies that work well

✔️ Teaches you how to market & sell your courses

✔️ We'll work with you until you get results

✔️ Weekly Q&A sessions and community support

✔️ Super affordable

✔️ Backed by a 100% money-back guarantee

This course is backed by 100% money-back guarantee if you don't see results after 30 days. I'll even buy your product from you for up to $500! That's how confident I am about what I teach.

PLUS, I don't teach something I haven't personally done. All the materials and step-by-step processes you'll find in this course are the exact roadmaps I've used in my own business and with my clients who have paid tens of thousands of dollars to access them.

We're taking you behind the scenes of what it takes to create a multi 6-figure business using the systems and frameworks I have developed, tested and tweaked over the last couple of years until they proved to be successfully WORKING.

We're talking months and years of work, hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in learning different sales methods, product development and frameworks from some of the world's brilliant minds, and packaging them into a highly-profitable proprietary systems.

And right now, I'm SHARING EVERYTHING to YOU!


Here's Your Chance to "Ethically Steal" Thousands of Dollars Worth of Proprietary Information AND Get LIVE Weekly Q&A with Mye and Team So You Can Start Getting Results Fast!


This is the first time I've ever done something like this...

I'm literally giving away my business secrets so you can start modelling them and see the possibilities of where your expertise can take you.

I'm giving you tested and proven strategies that have helped me build multi 6-figures and generated over a million dollars for my clients so you can use them as a guide to improving your chances of success.

You're about to discover what's working NOW in the current times and what isn't.

So you don't fall into the trap of learning outdated strategies and tips that no longer works these days...

This could literally save you hours of work, headache, frustration, anxiety, stress and potentially a lot of money trying to figure out what will work.



For the First Time Ever, I'm Giving Away the Step-By-Step Process and the Exact Roadmap I Used That Helped Me Go From "Freelance" to "Full-Time Business Owner"

You might be SURPRISED at what you'll discover once you get through the materials and learn how SIMPLE it is to become a profitable freelancer!

PLUS! Get A LIVE Weekly Q&A Session with Mye & Team for the Next 30 Days


Join me or my Team LIVE every week where we'll answer all your questions about The Profitable Freelancer course and assist you with your implementation. Be sure to come to the sessions prepared so we can answer as many questions as we can.

PLUS! You get access to ALL Q&A session replays so you can enjoy them "on demand!"

Laura Belgray

Founder, Talking Shrimp

"Mye is a genius at spotting what works!"


I've never seen a creative better at marketing their work—and generously showing others how to do the same—than Mye.

She's a genius at spotting what works! Bottom line: she'll help you not just become flourishing creative but a highly-profitable one.

Scotty Russell

Creative Side Hustler's Coach

"I made over $125,000 in my first year of

Working with Mye is an absolute no-brainer!

I've exploded my once side hustle into a thriving full-time creative business. I made over $125,000 in my first year of self-employment despite having a second kid and navigating a pandemic.


Learn How To Fast Track Your

Freelance Success in 30 Days!


You probably got into freelance because you were sold the idea of having your own schedule, working on your own terms and heard you're going to make $100,000

Yet here you are, working long hours, not spending enough time even for yourself, chasing clients all over the place, working $10-$15 an hour, barely making enough to sustain your lifestyle.

You want to have a steady income, claim your time back, and have more freedom for the things that truly matter—your sanity, family, self-care and actually having a life!

I go you, boo! When you finish my course, you'll have insider knowledge to create online products that can make you $500 to $2,500 per sale in the next 30 days.

You can model all the strategies, processes and frameworks I've used to successfully build my multi 6-figure business and generate millions in revenue for our clients.

AND you can join the LIVE Q&A Sessions to get your most burning questions answered—to make sure you're doing things right!


FINALLY! Become a Successful Freelancer Using My 30-Day Profitable Program Builder™

Here's What You'll Learn Inside

Target Market Identifier

One of the most critical elements of building a sustainable freelance business is knowing your audience. If you're not speaking to your ideal customers and communicating what pain points you solve for them, they're not going to pay attention to you. 
I'll show you a simple method for identifying your target market and their hot buttons so you can craft the perfect offer.

Crafting the Perfect Offer

Generating sales is not just about the strategy. It's also not about what you want. Your offer has to be something your target market wants or it won't make sense for them.
Learn how to craft the perfect offer that people can't say no to so you can sell with confidence.
Discover the 3 elements that your offer needs so people pay attention and open their wallets without much objection.

Visibility Builder Framework™

Having a solid online presence contributes to the success of your freelance business. So you need to have a strong and consistent content creation framework for people to see you.
Learn how to start building the know, like and trust factor by creating content that warms your audience up to your brand with every single post.
Discover how to build a prolific brand that stays in front of their target market all the time.

Win the Market™ Strategy

There are different types of buyers and they also have different journeys. To win the market is to know your audience's needs, wants and pain points and give them the perfect solution.
Communicating that solution is crucial to closing the sale.
Discover my best-performing sales strategies to help you sell without feeling "icky" and convert your prospects to buyers in seven  (7) simple steps.

Client Success and Delivery

Work doesn't end with selling. Clients and customers deserve the best care in the world so they'll keep coming back for more and spread good word about the business.
Understand the delivery process and how to give the best experience to your buyers that guarantee repeat sales.
Use my templates and best practices to model your own delivery and client success.

And these 3 Amazing Bonuses!

Nico Ng

Lettering Artist & Founder, The Composition Ruler

"I closed a $6,000 project deal I never even thought was possible!"

I was limiting myself to physical products and was using the Pandemic as an excuse why the business isn't growing. 

Working with Mye, I discovered bigger opportunities that are more profitable!

Kimberly Ann Jones

Lettering Artist & Illustrator

"I made $16,000 in my first year of business doing murals part-time!"

Mye is a true champion of all her students and she truly wants to see everyone succeed!

Her programs, support, and encouragement are key factors to making my first $16,000 during the first year of my business doing it part-time.

Jeremy Jonathan

Watercolor Artist & Educator

"I have no website and yet I made $4,000 within a month!"

Working with Mye was a game-changer! So many "aha!" moments. I can't even believe I made $4,000 in one month. I have grown my email list from zero to over 2,500 in just one week. Now, I'm making consistent 4-figure monthly sales! And I don't even have a website!

Get The Profitable Freelancer Course PLUS ALL the Bonuses For An Incredibly LOW Price...


Just One Small Payment of $97!


$997 (save $900 for a limited time!)



Freelancers, Creatives,  Applying These Methods

If You Want To Crack the Code on Becoming a Profitable Freelancer, This Really Is a "No Brainer" For You


Right now, you can basically STEAL all my secrets and the step-by-step framework I used in my business and that of my clients for a ridiculously low price of $97.

Yes, $97. That's not a typo!

With a FULL 100% Satisfaction Warranty!

This is a no-brainer if you truly want to escape the grind, long work hours and unstable income and become a profitable freelancer in no time.

It's almost like handing over the "keys to the kingdom" for building a profitable freelance business—the stuff people will pay thousands of dollars to get access to via Masterminds and exclusive groups.

And it's ALL YOURS for just $97 right now!

Ready to do this?


Full Access to Intensive
Training Materials

BONUS Trainings PLUS Scripts & Templates

COMPLIMENTARY 1-1 Onboarding Call

And Don't Forget! You’re Protected By My 100% Satisfaction Warranty!

If you apply what you learn in this course and you're unable to create your online product in the next 30 days, I'll give you the $97 back PLUS I'll even BUY your product from you for up to $500.
That's how confident I am you're going to KILL IT in your execution with my training and coaching!

Get The Profitable Freelancer Course PLUS ALL the Bonuses For An Incredibly LOW Price...


Just One Small Payment of $97!


$997 (save $900 for a limited time!)



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