Are You Ready to Take Your Hand-Lettering to the Next Level?


Master the art of drawing letters even if you're just
starting out or a seasoned artist. 





"The knowledge and confidence I gained from Mastering Hand-Lettering is priceless. The same year I enrolled in the program, I landed 12 mural projects along with several other client work and I was just working on my business part-time!"

Kimberly Ann Jones
Mural Painter, Lettering Artist

"Mastering Hand-Lettering has everything I need to know to learn and improve my lettering skills. It allowed me to do my logo designs better. The business modules are amazing with the recent updates and I'm learning a lot still!"

Diky Halim
Graphic Designer

"Before joining Mastering Hand-Lettering, I was playing around with hand-lettering on my own, scouring the internet for free tips and tutorials, and mostly just feeling my way around. With Mastering Hand-Lettering, everything I needed to know was right there. I didn’t need to guess anymore because it took me through the basics of building letters to forming words and putting together a layout (and so much more!). I had to admit that I wasn't getting anywhere alone so I decided to jump in and invest in the program and it was absolutely worth every dollar! I can see the progress I’ve made over the months and I’m happy with and proud of my work. The content, the resources, the guidance, and the community—these are things that I would not have found on my own."

Jamaica Arvisu


  •  "I've been lettering for a while but nothing seems to be working. How can I make my art better and more appealing?"
  • "I want to make money from lettering like most artists do, but where do I even start?"
  • "There are so many well-known lettering artists out there, how can I compete with them?"
  • "I'm tired of getting friends and family to hire me. I want real, paying clients."
  • "Ugh! When will my work ever get noticed? "

Becoming a lettering artist
at your own pace!



Your Complete Guide to Learning and Mastering the Art of Hand-Lettering

Mastering Hand-Lettering is an Online Course Designed to Help You Grow and Thrive as an Artist in a Very Noisy and Crowded Industry.


This program is for you if you're a letterer, illustrator, designer and a creative who:

  • Wants to learn the art of hand lettering either as a hobby or as an additional knowledge to broaden your skill set and get more business opportunities.
  • Is looking for the fastest and most efficient way to learn the techniques and secrets that pros do to get better work.
  • Wants to take their hand-lettering skills to the next level, improve the quality of their work and create stunning pieces of art.
  • Have some experience but want to learn more about the art and the business that goes with being a creative.
  • Wants to be a sought-after artist in the lettering industry with a waiting list of high-paying clients. 




Twelve (12) complete hand-lettering modules that teaches you the art of drawing letters from basic to complex composition and digitizing your work so you'll walk away equipped with all the knowledge and techniques you need to apply what you learn.



  • MODULE 1: Fundamentals of Lettering
  • MODULE 2: Lettering Tools
  • MODULE 3: Mastering Sans-Serif Letters
  • MODULE 4: Mastering Bracketed Serifs
  • MODULE 5: Mastering Bifurcated Serifs
  • MODULE 6: Mastering Script Letters



  • MODULE 7: Mastering Letter Spacing
  • MODULE 8: Mastering Word Arrangement
  • MODULE 9: Mastering Embellishments and Shadows
  • MODULE 10: Mastering Hand-Lettering Composition
  • MODULE 11: Mastering Hand-Lettering Process
  • MODULE 12: Mastering Digitizing Process


Lessons include complete worksheets to make learning a lot easier for you!
All you need to do is print them, show up and do the work.

Everything you need to learn about lettering in ONE program.


Enroll Now and Get Access to This
Additional Training and BONUSES for FREE!

Lettering Socials [RECORDED SESSIONS]
(valued at $547)

Access to eight (8) recorded sessions of Lettering Socials with MHL Lettering Coach, Lisle Grant. 

Get to see our Alumnis gather and work on their weekly projects, get critique and work on improving their skills faster. 

Mastering Hand-Lettering Club!

Access to our exclusive Facebook Group for Mastering Hand-Lettering Alumni.

This is where we help each other build a better portfolio, give feedback, critique and support each other as you navigate on your creative journey. 

Yes, there are way cheaper and even free options available online. But it would take you years of trial and error to figure out and piece all those information together.

But inside Mastering Hand-Lettering program, you'll learn the skills and techniques you need to know to grow faster. All you need to do is show up and implement them.

Once you have these skills, it's going to be so much easier to practice and hone your craft, develop a strategy to build a profitable portfolio, attract high-paying clients and continuously grow your business. 

Your big dreams are within your reach! It's time to step up and take a chance on yourself and your future. 

Hi! I’m Mye De Leon.

I lead a growing community of hand-letterers and artists where I help them improve their skills faster so they can earn a full-time income.

As an artist, I specialize in traditional hand-drawn letters and I’ve worked with various clients globally including Pinterest, Apple Singapore, Workman Publishing and Penguin Random House.

As a businesswoman, I built a 6-figure online business through hand-lettering and I’m sharing all the knowledge and skills I learned over the years inside the Mastering Hand-Lettering Program.

But I started just like you! I was a mother struggling to raise twins and a child with special needs in a foreign country. What started as a fun diversion to alleviate the depressing mood I was in, turned out to be the best decision of my life and I’m grateful for this business and the community I built online.

If you’re just starting out or have been lettering for a while, this program is guaranteed to provide you with the techniques and strategies you need to create stunning pieces of art!

Frequently Asked Questions

This program is self-paced so you may start anytime at your convenience. 

Because it's self-paced, it depend on how much time you dedicate for your learning. You can binge watch all the videos in one go or dedicate a specific time each day for every lessons and modules. 

Yes, upon payment of the program, you'll be directed to course immediately.

You have access to the program indefinitely as well as any future updates (should there by any) so you may go back to it anytime as you wish.

Of course! All our payment plan options give you complete access to the program.


This program is tailored for new lettering artists who want to learn skills they need to start lettering

Likewise, it is for seasoned letterers who want to grow their skills further.

We made sure that learning becomes easy for you. To start, you'll only need a pencil, sharpener, eraser and papers. 

You will be provided with complete worksheets and sample work for you to follow throughout the lessons. 

Let the words of our students speak for the program itself...

"Mye delivered more value than what I actually paid for and Mastering Hand-Lettering was a great investment for my future. It has impacted my life in so many ways. Things have not only changed professionally but also personally. The amazing community was the biggest plus point for this program."

Subeh Sharma
Designer & Letterer

"This program has a complete structure of everything you need to learn about lettering. Mye has been very helpful and supportive with her students. Because of that, I have gained confidence in sharing my work which I have never done before! I now have my own Instagram account, a website and have started a business. I never expected that to happen but it did!"

Shin Uchino
Chalk & Lettering Artist, Tokyo

"The hand-lettering lessons have a wealth of information! The amount of work and preparation for these videos are evident and massive. Before joining the program, I'm always anxious to share my work but the class and the community has helped me break down the wall of anxiety. It was a big step for me. I get inspired and motivated to see others students work and progress!"

Stefanie London

"Mye's class was just the boost I needed for my lettering! She was straight-forward with her feedback and taught me what to look for when critiquing my work. She definitely pushed me outside of my comfort zone and challenged me in the best way possible. Now I can look at a new letterform and start to break it down to its foundation structure so I can create it myself. I'm feeling more comfortable and confident in my skills as I continue to develop and refine my lettering style."

Teana Halford
Designer/Workshop Instructor, Melody Lane Press


We understand and we care. That's why during this challenging times, we're extending an affordable 12-monthly payment plan for a limited time! Choose the best Mastering Hand-Lettering plan that works for you.





12 Hand-Lettering Modules

Access to Mastering Hand-Lettering Club Facebook Group

Immediate Access to Recorded Lettering Socials Sessions


One-Time Payment of




12 Hand-Lettering Modules

Access to Mastering Hand-Lettering Club Facebook Group

Immediate Access to Recorded Lettering Socials Sessions



Lowest 12-Monthly Plan




12 Hand-Lettering Modules

Access to Mastering Hand-Lettering Club Facebook Group

Immediate Access to Recorded Lettering Socials Sessions


If you have any questions about Mastering Hand-Lettering, please send us an email at [email protected]

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